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Tales of A Reclaimed Life

This section is the only thing on this website which is new, rather than reclaimed. Yes, my humour can be quite dry sometimes - it's one of my favourite traits I have adopted while living in this beautiful country, which has been our home for nearly 9 years now!

Hello! And welcome to our life. Based on the feedback we've been receiving from our lovely Clients as well as random visitors who only happened to pass through here and take the time to read our story (it's very much appreciated, by the way!), me and Maciej have decided to take an even more personal approach to our business and start sharing all of our crazy, wonderful and sometimes scary stories with complete strangers on the Internet.

Why on Earth would we do that? There are several reasons for that:

- it would be a great shame to keep these stories hidden away, as they are pretty darn good, I dare say! 

- we believe it will enable potential and existing Clients to understand the business and the work we do - and ourselves as well, since the business is us, and we are the business. Transparency is the key!

- because it's fun, of course! In other words, for entertainment - to bring you all joy and laughter ( ;) ) and for us to occasionally have a nice walk down the memory lane and laugh at things that weren't funny back in the day. Also, for us to have a reminder of how much we achieved thus far!

As you're probably aware by now, English isn't my first language, so please forgive me any spelling mistakes, etc. 

At this point I only have one thing to say - wish me luck with this new exciting project!!!

We're looking forward to connecting with you!

As always, with love and gratitude,

Mel, Maciej & Rita

PS.: the stories on here will not be published in a chronological order - it's going to be a mix of recent stories and the ones that have happened in the past. Stay tuned, enjoy, and let us know what you think - any feedback will be very much appreciated.

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