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If these floors could talk...

As the saying goes: "if these floors could talk, they’d sure have a lot of stories to tell"… and in a way, they do.

With every batch we source, very often only knowing about them as much as which place they came from, I like to imagine all the events they’ve witnessed over decades.

Most of them are at least 50-60 years old, so I’m pretty sure they’ve witnessed a LOT. The good, the bad, the ugly… Someone’s first steps or even first bicycle rides (that could be the case in the really big flats, with high ceilings and looong corridors), all the family gatherings, Sunday lunches, or even wedding parties and christenings… And last but not least - the house parties! From what I know it wasn’t until mid 90s when public places started popping up, and before that there really wasn’t much to do outside someone’s four walls… And apparently, there was always at least one house party happening in the circle of friends, or… complete strangers!

It’s funny to think that if someone told the previous owners that a few decades later their floors are going to be taken up and reused in homes 1300 km + away, they’d probably go: "I’m not sure what you’re on, but maybe take it easy, eh?” 😉

When I think about what we do, reclaiming floors and giving them another shot in this life, it’s not only about doing right by our planet… it’s also about having fun in life!

When my Mum was in her twenties, she’d hitchhike across Poland a lot, and on one of those trips she’d met a guy who told her that the most important thing in life is to have good fun and enjoy it as much as possible.. And that’s what she’s been telling me and my big brother ever since I could remember. I agree with her 10000%!

As important as choosing the right floor for your home is, I believe it should also be fun - because why the hell not? It is a commitment, surely - and should be considered very carefully. After all, once it’s down, it’s down. And in majority of cases, it will stay down for the next decades to come… to witness even more life events in all its colours, shades and hues! Oh, the excitement!

We take great pride in the work we do, and it is a great joy and privilege to be a part of this process, in helping our clients get exactly what they want and need, and what will continue bringing them joy in the years to come ❤️

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