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🍃 If you're looking for a peace of mind and to give a second life to a beautiful reclaimed parquet flooring and enjoy having a solid hardwood floor in you home for at least the next couple of decades - you're in the right place 🍃


Hello, and thank you for stopping by! We continue working on introducing even more of our "new-old" range of lovely parquet floors.

We can send samples but we're also happy to provide more detailed photos if that's sufficient. If you would like to speak to us, we're here for you - all you have to do is                        and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

*Please note: all the blocks are about 18 - 19 mm thick once cleaned. As it's a reclaimed flooring, even the blocks coming from the same room can have a 1-4 mm difference in size; thickness, width and length. It is completely normal.

Regardless of how great the surface looks, once laid the whole floor needs to be sanded at least 1-2 mm in order to make it even and all on one level. 

All of the blocks are cleaned and ready to lay - by that we mean that they're free from bitumen/glue/concrete (or sometimes all three combined - oh, joy!)  and have the tongues removed. Prepared like this, clean and with square edges, the blocks are easier to lay and that also means that the issue of various heights automatically goes away. There's no need to cut down the grooved side since the edges are, well... square!

We cannot guarantee that there won't be any bitumen or glue marks, however the blocks are cleaned to a standard required by professional fitters who we collaborate with. When the blocks arrive, they are prepared for laying - the glue and nails are gone. 

Here's some additional information:

- When we reclaim our parquets (by either dismantling them ourselves or buying it already dismantled), there is always a risk that small percentage of blocks may have slight damages but we always separate the ones that are unusable and keep only the ones that will be 100% usable – and only these we deliver to our clients. We give extra attention to quality control. However, sometimes it happens that we miss something - in that case, please do not hesitate to let us know about it and we'll be happy to replace anything that cannot be used.

- The colour of the wood naturally varies, so it’s perfectly normal that even the blocks coming from the same floor have their differences in colour – some may be darker and some may be lighter even when they come from the same lot. It’s wood’s nature.

- The most important thing is the block size and thickness, and that's why sometimes we use blocks coming from different floors to prepare a batch of flooring in one chosen size. This does not affect the laying process!

- We source our parquet flooring in Poland, and that’s where our main warehouse is at the moment. As we're getting busier and busier, the lead time for delivery varies. It all depends on the time required for cleaning and also our packing capacity per delivery trip - all deliveries are done by us at the moment. That's mainly to spare our Clients the ever growing costs of transport, but also to maintain the highest possible standard of services we provide. We always do everything in our power to prepare and deliver the floors in the shortest possible time and we always keep our clients updated about the ETA of their purchased goods. However, sometimes delays still do happen (even to us ;) ) - it's a part of life. These can happen either on our end, or the Client's end - and that's all fine. In situations like that it's all about patience, understanding and communication. 

- Brexit-related fun stuff: we handle the customs declarations ourselves, it's 100% on our end. From ordering to delivery, it's nice, easy and pain free.

- What's the ordering process: 1. We agree on the amount of m2 needed for the project (with 10-15% excess added on top of the total - to allow for off cuts etc) 2. The Client receives an invoice. 3. Once the invoice is paid, the order is added to the workshop's 'to do' list 4. Once the order is ready, we deliver. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!

- Each order is prepared specifically to suit our Client’s needs, and we do not accept returns. However, we are happy to exchange the parquet blocks - of exactly the same quantity that is unusable - but only if there are missing pieces of the surface of the block that evidently show that it’s broken, therefore unusable; that does not include marks of everyday use and normal wear and tear (for example, scratches etc); that's the charm of  RECLAIMED flooring.


- There is no such thing as ASAP here - every floor is different, therefore time for cleaning may vary. We strongly recommend placing orders earlier rather than later as the more time we have to clean and deliver the flooring, the less stressful it will be for everyone involved. Even if your project is months away, or your storage space is limited, we can store your order until you’re ready to have it delivered!

**PLEASE NOTE: It's impossible to place an order via website, please contact us directly as the stock quantities are changing rapidly and we always aim to ensure that required quantities are available.** (Also, it's always much nicer to connect and talk directly :) )

*** The earlier the order is placed, the better - as it will give us time to prepare and deliver it. Thank you! ***

There is no such thing as silly questions, so if there's anything at all you'd like to know - please ask away!

Cleaning guide - prices explained

The price per m2 includes: the wood, the cleaning and delivery in England - delivery to Scotland will cost slightly more.

fitter's better friend

Fitter's better friend

Underside of the block 100% cleaned with tongues cut off - much easier to lay. The surface will need to be sanded once the floor is fitted.

*the thickness of the blocks may vary up to 1 mm



fitter's best friend

Fitter's best friend

Underside of the block 100% cleaned, tongues cut off and planed/pre-sanded surface. The blocks are like new. Once fitted, the flooring will need a minimal amount of sanding, in order to make sure it's all level.

*the thickness of the blocks may vary up to 1 mm



t&g and underside

Underside + T&G cut off

Photo of the cleaned underside - this option saves everyone involved time, money and nerves, 


planed parquet.jpg


Photo of the pre-sanded surface. Once again, that degree of prep saves everyone time, money and nerves.


Our parquet range is dominated by oak herringbone blocks. To see our full stock, other wood species, please head to our Stock tab 🪵

The oak sizes we have available at the moment:

  • 45 x 5 cm - 400 m2 +

  • 35 x 5 cm - 400 m2 +

  • 30 x 5 cm - 400 m2 +

  • 40 x 4,5 cm - 400 m2 +

  • 45 x 4,5 cm - 300 m2 +

  • 35 x 4,5 cm - 250 m2 +

  • 50 x 7 cm - 100 m2 

  • 45 x 6 cm - 150 m2 +

  • 40 x 6 cm - 200 m2 +

  • 35 x 6 cm - 150 m2 +

  • 30 x 6 cm - 250 m2 +

  • 20 x 6 cm - 100 m2 +

  • 35 x 8 cm - 100 m2 +

  • 30 x 4,5 cm - 150 m2 +

  • 25 x 4,5 cm - 150 m2 +

  • 40 x 5 cm - 150 m2 +

  • 20 x 5 cm - 200 m2 +

  • 25 x 5 cm - 150 m2 +

  • 50 x 6 cm - 150 m2 +

  • 40 x 8 cm - 80 m2

  • 45 x 8 cm - 200 m2 +

  • 50 x 8 cm - 40 m2

  • 60 x 9 cm - 20 m2

  • 50 x 10 cm - 20 m2

The cleaning guide presents the condition we can get the parquet blocks to look like - the final look of your new reclaimed flooring is entirely up to you and your fitter.

Please see our gallery         to see what you can achieve - the sky is the limit!

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