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Long story


I would like to warn you in advance that the story you’re about to read is extremely personal - like all this business is. After a long time, I came to the conclusion that this is the only correct form in which this story could be presented, because this is the only way that allows you to fully understand and enjoy what we create every day with our own two hands, putting into it all of our hearts, energy and time while raising our little girl, and trying to have a life ;)

Of course, everyone considers their story unique - and if it isn't, it's time to start - and it is, of course! But in fact, it is a story as old as time - two crazy people decide to create something out of nothing, often having everything to lose, often losing almost everything. However, we have something in all this that many fires have tried to turn into dust. One thing that cannot be destroyed - we have each other. For better or worse, we are in this together, the three of us go hand in hand through life - but not against the world, on the contrary - we go out to meet the world, and our doors and hearts are always open, for everyone. Ears too if needed!

I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as we enjoy our work, which we do not only for ourselves or for our beautiful planet - we do it primarily for you.

I think the volume of this story accurately reflects our commitment to creating the best experiences possible.

By publishing this story, I not only invite you to our life, but also encourage you to contribute to it, create the history with us.


The main figure in all of this is Maciej – he passed on his love for wood to me, introduced me to the idea of using second-hand materials to create new things that will last over the years to come.

For many years he ran a company that dealt with the interior fit outs. From design to realization, Maciej was involved in making clubs, hotels, restaurants, commercial spaces and private residences.

At some point, an idea was born in his head to start producing furniture and accessories – mainly - made of recycled wood; all of this started with reclaimed wooden planks from old barns and houses and also with wind-fallen trees. A lot of beautiful projects were created, the proper production had started, but the company ran into problems, which eventually led to its closure.

It was the beginning of our joint adventure - it was then decided that Maciej would move to the UK, where I had already lived for almost half a year. The decision was made briefly after we found out that we had a baby on the way! As you can imagine, there wasn’t much more to think about.

For the first seven months he worked (for the first time in his life) at someone else’s company as a carpenter. When he came back one afternoon and announced that we don't have to get up the next morning, I knew! The saddest time in our history was over. Despite the lack of work and savings, it was the best news. Soon after, I returned to work as a waitress, and Maciej took care of the baby. It was then that our adventure as self-employed people had started - we got our first job for microtopping countertops, and from then on, the work we either took turns in taking care of the baby, or Maciej took her to work with him. Several times the three of us went to work – one of my favorite memories is renovation of the whole house which we did together. I was doing the snagging work with Rita (our daughter) strapped to my back! 😉 (I did a great job in case you’re wondering, ha ha)!

We were doing house renovations, custom-made furniture and the like until April 2019. In August 2019, the idea of ​​"returning to the roots" came back - returning to the use of recycled materials. That is when Maciej told me about his idea. In Poland, the parquet is going out of fashion, so we saw the potential in it - we acquired the first batch at the end of September 2019 and we've been doing just that since then.

We acquire, segregate, clean, pack and deliver parquet, giving it a chance for a second life. We’re learning as we go, improving the whole experience, buying new machines or even more often, inventing new ones so we can offer a product at its best quality. We also make mistakes – hey, we’re only human! But when we do, the next step for us is to go the extra mile to fix it. In the end, our main goal is to make our wonderful Clients happy and it seems that we’re doing a pretty good job!

Above all, we are grateful that our work makes sense and that, despite the difficulties we sometimes encounter, the result is that everyone is satisfied.


If you made it all the way here - congratulations! By now you should know what to expect so if you have any questions don’t by shy and drop us a line!


Mel, Maciej and baby Rita


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