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This is us!

A few more words about ourselves!

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Hello, my name is Maciej and this whole thing was my idea. I’m 51 years old and I’m from Poznan, Poland. I’ve been working with wood my entire adult life but my passion for reusing materials and things doesn’t end with wood – anything that can be given a second life draws my attention! That includes furniture, cars and beyond. In this business my main job is keeping Rita away from Mel's office (when she's working), sourcing the flooring, and overlooking the sorting, cleaning and packing process. Once it's all ready, I load it onto a lorry, and then kiss Mel goodbye when she goes to deliver the orders to our amazing Clients all over the UK. I also continue to work on better, simpler ways to improve the cleaning process which is the most important thing and also the greatest curse when it comes to reclaimed floors! Very often I invent and build my own machines for this purpose. Or make improvements on the ones we have.

In this life I’m a reclamation enthusiast, an inventor and a designer of things and spaces, and last but not least, a father to two gorgeous girls (aged 25 and 7). According to Mel (who is writing all this) I’m a pretty cool guy and apparently, she thinks I can do absolutely anything. But just like her, I’m a human being too! And I’m doing my best every day (... not to lose my mind with the women of my life).

Melania (Mel)

Hi, my name is Mel, I’m 27 years old and I’m from Warsaw, Poland. In this business I have many roles – from managing orders, replying to emails to preparing the flooring for shipment. And since the end of 2022, also delivering the orders with the help of our brave blue van - the Smurf! In this life I’m a parquet seller and enthusiast of reclaiming stuff (not just wood!), a writer, a mother to our 7-year-old girl and a human being, and a very fortunate one for having Rita and Maciej in my life as they never cease to amaze me – for these two, absolutely everything is possible! They are the greatest teachers in my life, too. My Family takes the second place, but the third definitely belongs to our Clients! For all the lessons, I'm forever grateful 🙏

Apart from this, I’m also good at singing and have talent for languages. I’ve learnt English with a great help from my big brother and The Beatles songs - he was singing them to me line by line and I had to translate it to Polish. It wasn't too bad ;)


Hello, my name is Rita and I’m the 7-year-old mentioned in my Mum’s introduction. I’m Polish like my parents are (obviously 😅), but unlike them, I was born in the UK – in London, to be exact. My passport says that, so I guess it must be true! I check it from time to time, just to be sure. Mom is convinced it's out of my reach, so don't turn me in.

In this business, I’m doing my absolute best to keep my parents off work – with a very poor result... on most days.

Anyway, my English is way better than my Dad’s and very soon he’s going to need a dictionary to understand what I’m saying! Don't take this the wrong way - apart from language skills, he's doing a fantastic job in all this. I’m a very bright, adventurous and talented little girl. On top of everything, my parents are convinced that I’m from another planet because it’s impossible for a human being to have as much energy as I do!

Apart from singing and dancing around, swimming, painting and drawing, I love talking – I can talk whole day without catching a breath and on the most days, I do! And although I'm only 7, I can tell a difference between engineered and solid parquet flooring and it's been like this for the past couple of years. What's your superpower? 😉

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