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1. Introduction


Welcome to our website for reclaimed parquet flooring. We appreciate your interest in our unique "new-old" range of exquisite parquet floors. Please carefully review the following terms and conditions ("Terms") before making any purchase.


By placing an order with us, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these Terms.

2. Product Information


2.1. Samples and Photos: We offer the option to send samples from our main warehouse in Poland, and the shipping cost is £17 per parcel. We can also provide detailed photos of our products upon request.


2.2. Variations in Size and Thickness: Since our flooring is reclaimed, expect variations in size, thickness, width, and length of the parquet blocks. These variations are normal and can range from 1-4 mm.


2.3. Sanding Requirement: Regardless of the surface appearance, we recommend sanding the entire floor by at least 1-2 mm after installation to ensure it is even and level.


2.4. Cleaned and Prepared Blocks: Our parquet blocks are cleaned, free from bitumen, glue, or concrete, and have the tongues removed. This preparation facilitates easier installation and eliminates issues with varying heights.


2.5. Bitumen and Glue Marks: While we strive to remove all traces of glue and nails, we cannot guarantee the absence of bitumen or glue marks.


3. Quality Control


3.1. Damaged Blocks: We diligently inspect and separate any damaged blocks during the reclamation process. We deliver only blocks that meet our quality standards. If you receive any unusable blocks, please notify us, and we will arrange for replacements.


3.2. Color Variations: Natural wood color variations are normal, even within the same lot of reclaimed blocks.


3.3. Mixed Blocks: To ensure proper sizing, we may use blocks from different floors to create batches of flooring. This does not affect the installation process.


4. Shipping and Delivery


4.1. Origin and Warehouse: Our parquet flooring is sourced from Poland, where our primary warehouse is located.


4.2. Lead Time: Delivery times may vary due to cleaning and packing capacity per load. We strive to provide the shortest possible lead time and will keep you updated on the estimated delivery date. Delays can occur but are managed with patience, understanding, and communication.


4.3. Brexit-Related Handling: We handle customs declarations for orders to ensure a seamless delivery process.


5. Ordering Process


5.1. Agreement on Quantity: We agree on the required square meters (m2) for your project, adding a 10-15% excess for off cuts and adjustments.


5.2. Invoice and Payment: You will receive an invoice, and once it is paid, your order will be added to our workshop's production queue.


5.3. Delivery: We will deliver your order once it is ready.


6. Returns and Exchanges


6.1. Custom Orders: Each order is tailored to your specific needs. We do not accept returns.


6.2. Exchanges: We are willing to exchange parquet blocks of the exact quantity if they are broken or show evident damage upon arrival. Normal wear and tear, such as scratches, is not covered under this policy.


7. Timing


7.1. Cleaning and Delivery Time: We recommend placing orders well in advance to allow ample time for cleaning and delivery, reducing stress for all parties involved.


8. Ordering Process


8.1. Direct Contact: Orders cannot be placed via our website due to rapidly changing stock quantities. Please contact us directly to place your order, as we aim to ensure that the required quantities are available.


8.2. Early Orders: Ordering early is beneficial, as it allows us more time to prepare and deliver your order.


9. Combined Deliveries


9.1. New Delivery System: Starting from late January 2023, we will implement combined deliveries, shipping orders to the UK once a month and personally delivering each one, as we do now.


10. Additional Information

We may provide more useful information in the future. We appreciate your business and are committed to providing you with high-quality reclaimed parquet flooring and exceptional service.


Thank you for choosing us for your flooring needs!

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