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🍃 If you're looking for a peace of mind and to give a second life to a beautiful reclaimed parquet flooring and enjoy having a solid hardwood floor in you home for at least the next couple of decades - you're in the right place 🍃

*All photos presented here and our instagram page show our floors in action - they come from our clients and floor fitters who install them, architects, building companies who trusted us with this important task of finding the right flooring 💪

Wood Job UK is based on the principle of building a beautiful and sustainable future.

We source quality wood parquet flooring from across Europe (mainly Poland at the moment), reclaim it and give it a second chance to be used again, a ‘deja wood’.

Cradle to cradle use, not cradle to grave and making the most use of Mother Nature’s work, whilst saving our customers money.

Our main focus is on reclaimed solid parquet flooring - parquet blocks.

We're offering the highest level of cleaning and customer service - it's all about the top quality!

We're social, so speak with us about any questions via phone or email, feel free to try us on helping you with anything at all!

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