305. Reclaimed Beech Beautiful Wood Parquet Flooring



There's 160 m2 available. Listed price is per m2.


It comes from a building in Gliwice.

Size: 30 x 5 cm

Price guide for cleaning:


Basic (£28) - The blocks come uncleaned (we only remove the excess of the bitumen, we do not clean the T&G)


Standard (£35)  - The blocks come bitumen free up to 50-60% , with T&G cleaned.


Full (£38)  - The blocks come bitumen free up to 90%, with T&G cleaned.


Premium (£45)  - The blocks come bitumen free at 100%, with T&G cleaned and at this price the surface can be planed (then it's practically like new flooring).

G305. Reclaimed Oak Beautiful Wood Parquet Flooring

£35.00 Regular Price
£28.00Sale Price