Hello, and thank you for stopping by! We continue working on introducing even more of our "new-old" range of lovely parquet floors.

We can send samples but we're also happy to provide more detailed photos if that's sufficient. If you would like to speak to us, we're here for you - all you have to do is                        and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

We don't have a feedback page as we know how important it is to make right decisions when it comes to making purchase of flooring that will most likely stay with you for at least 30 years and we believe that because it's so personal, we rely on recommendations from our lovely Clients who have used our services in the past and are very very kind to spare a few moments to help and speak well for us :)

*Please note: all the blocks are about 1,9 - 2,1 cm unless it says otherwise in the listing. As it's a reclaimed flooring, even the blocks coming from the same room can have a 1-2 mm difference in thickness. It is completely normal.

Regardless of how great the surface looks, once laid the whole floor needs to be sanded at least 1-2 mm in order to make it even and all on one level. 

All of the blocks are cleaned and ready to lay - by that we mean that bitumen/glue/concrete (or sometimes all three combined - oh, joy!)  and dirt from the tongues and grooves removed.  We cannot guarantee that there won't be any bitumen or glue marks, however the blocks are cleaned to a standard required by professional fitters who we collaborate with. We always aim to keep the tongues and grooves intact, but if that's not possible and the dirt/glue affects the laying process, we cut them off. When the blocks arrive, they are prepared for laying - in most cases there's either glue or nails involved. 

**PLEASE NOTE: It's impossible to place an order via website, please contact us directly as the stock quantities are changing rapidly and we always aim to ensure that required quantities are available.**